Rosalind is the first of three buildings within the expansion of the Andalusia Technology Park campus in Málaga. The three buildings dialogue with each other, forming a new recognizable area, which echoes and expands the youthful and optimistic character of this expanding business area.

The project is a commitment to flexibility of use, with a simple and functional layout that maximizes the possibilities of occupation. The common areas, vertical communication cores and services are arranged in a central longitudinal core, freeing up the façade to be used as offices, with natural lighting and views of the surroundings. At the same time, the load-bearing structure's appearance in the office area is minimized, giving priority to the modulation of constructive elements, emphasizing the versatility of the floor plan.

The spaces which serve the office areas are arranged to allow each floor to be subdivided into four equivalent offices, which can be leased to small start-ups, and allowing each to maintain access to their own service areas. Services are kept visible in the open office area, concentrating lighting, terminal elements, and acoustic insulation in a centralized dropped ceiling zone, reinforcing the casual character of the work areas while allowing for maximum versatility.

The façade emphasizes the horizontality of the building, with several rows of fixed and adjustable slats. From the outside, this variation generates a vibrating façade. From the inside, the slats frame the landscape, leaving a horizontal opening at the height of a seated person, from which the outline of the distant mountains can be seen. This cladding helps shade the office spaces while providing a unitary and recognizable character to the set of buildings.

Furthermore, in an environment characterized by independent landscaped plots, where the use of private vehicles prevails, the built volume is rotated, providing visual richness and allowing for the creation of a public square and a green area in front of the main façade. This space serves as a networking and meeting area for the entire complex, with a cafeteria overlooking the landscape.

The building has been designed with high standards of sustainability and efficiency. Among other strategies, concrete slabs have been lightened with empty spheres of recycled materials, which provide thermal inertia to the building. Green roofs with plant species which require little maintenance, rainwater collection for irrigation, cross-ventilation, ventilated inner patios, solar protection gallery, very low consumption taps, and material origin control. For all these reasons, the building has a LEED gold rating.


Estudio González Arquitectos + Reuqav Ingenieros
González, Ara
González, Noa
González, Primitivo

Nieves, Jessica; Borreguero, Laura (concurso)
Vaquer, Jesús | Reuqav Ingenieros S.L.
Alonso, Juan Carlos; Camazón, Félix | Pejarbo S. L.
Certificación LEED
Vega Ingeniería
Obra artística
Verbis, Daniel; Bouroullec, Ronan
Jefe de Obra
Rodríguez, Vicente | Guamar S.A.

Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, S.A.

Building Company
Guamar S.A. | Cundall España S.L. (Certificación Leed)