Gulmohar Residential Complex

The site is a farmland located in Ahmedabad having a plain terrain. In the scorching summer heat, the neem trees on site were our only shelter. The site regularly suffers from seasonal flooding caused by water runoff from nearby lands. Nonetheless, the neem trees stood resilient against these floods.

The vision for constructing this abode involved a seamless integration of the existing neem trees with passive cooling techniques akin to those used in ancient step wells. This design aimed to merge the natural environment utilizing the neem trees for shade and cooling while employing the step wells' ability to regulate temperature. The result was a sustainable and comfortable living space that harmonized with the natural landscape, offering a serene retreat from the intense summer heat. The clients, who are fashion designers, had specific requirements, including the creation of numerous inspirational spaces. This approach not only preserved the natural beauty of the site but also provided a variety of serene and creatively stimulating environments.

The three-story structure is meticulously constructed using Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEB). These blocks are utilized to create intricate geometric vaults, providing both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. The use of CSEB not only enhances the building's durability and thermal efficiency but also promotes sustainable construction practices by utilizing locally sourced materials.



Lead Architects:
Daniel, Vinu
Shah, Preksha
Mohammed, Farhaan
Sharma, Tushar
Lohiya, Pratik
Bhatt, Jainish
Gulabsingani, Anmol
Magesh, Jilla

Building Company

Ahmedabad (India)