AMORES cocktails. Mexican drinks tavern in Alameda de Hércules.

Three illuminated orange glass lattices on a black stucco background draw attention on the ground floor of the corner between Barco Street and Alameda de Hércules. Through them you can glimpse an interior with soft light and earthy colors, where tasty cocktails of Mexican origin are made, served, and tasted.

Mezcals, tequilas, fruits, spice jars and crystal glasses are integrated into a sober space with earthy walls and ceilings, raw steel countertops and floor, and wooden bars. Five materials define the functional and environmental elements of this small cocktail bar, giving the space a tactile quality that completes the sensory experience of the cocktails.

The black steel sheet, in its colour and protected by a transparent polyurethane varnish, forms the floor, the fronts of the bars, the countertops and baseboards of the counterbar, which continues from the interior to the façade to become the exterior bar. The carpentry and structure of the lattices are solved with the same steel. Lime mortar with Sierra de Aracena clay is applied with irregular and rough textures on the walls, ceiling and door of the toilet, contrasting with the flatness of the steel and the two bars. These, made of solid iroko wood, welcome the client and clearly define the horizontal service level (110 cm), emerging from the working level of the sheet metal countertops (95 cm). The black stucco of the façade contrasts with the interior luminosity and appears again inside the bathroom.

The amber-coloured glass lattices with a frosted texture are highlighted by a sequence of vertical LED-type luminaires, which, like old neon lights, are interspersed between the glass and sheet metal sheets, causing the desired attraction from the outside.


Muñoz, José Luis

Morales Puerta, Pablo
Sanjuan Ortuño, Alejandro

Alegato Tropical S.L


Interior Design