Apartamento F52

A Clear rationalist layout and enveloping spaces define this reform project for an apartment in Lleida. The project by Alfred García Gotós studio seeks to improve the environmental quality and comfort of the inhabitants of this refuge in the city.

The volumetric composition of the spaces is generated naturally, giving rise to a house with a constructed area of 95 m2 The project consists of the day area with kitchen space open to the living room, the night area with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

To define the interior atmosphere of the house, we seek to achieve well-being through materials, spaces, light and proportion. To achieve this, it is based on a material homogeneity with three unique materials that provide a warm and timeless environment and provide continuity and transversality to the space. An oak skin defines the vertical flooring and cladding, laminated fumé glass for translucent interior divisions and porcelain, with a great presence, is used to solve countless solutions in flooring, walls, ceilings and coatings of bathrooms and kitchens.

In line with the clean and pure design of the project, the combination of porcelain formats provides the minimum of joints, both in bathrooms and countertops, even in ceiling where lighting has been incorporated through crowns.

On the other hand, wood helps to create different textures and changing characters that give a certain majesty to the house. Thanks to this and together with the incidence of natural light, the spaces are endowed with warmth, visual serenity and spatial comfort.


García Gotós, Alfred

Sandra Guerrero. Interiorista.
Àngela Escolà. Arquitecta.


Interior Design