Vision Pavilion. EXPO DUBAI 2020.

The Vision Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai pays homage to Dubai’s leadership, tracing the biography of a prominent political figure, his personal story and his decisive contribution to the spectacular development witnessed by the Emirate during his lifetime. The exhibition was designed around three main galleries: his early years and dedication to learning, his main passions and values, and the representation of the city of Dubai today, through the eyes of its residents.

We were also commissioned to design the Pavilion’s façade, including its theatrical lighting, representing the rise of Dubai from the sand of the desert and the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

A number of highly original bespoke exhibition elements and specially commissioned Media productions combine to tell this engaging story for Expo visitors. Featuring narrations from men, women and children, Emiratis and international residents, that have witnessed the incredible evolution of Dubai in the past 30 years.

Scope of works: Exhibition Design and Façade Design from concept to completion; Construction

Supervision; Media Production; as part of the Design & Build contract held by ALEC FITOUT.


ICARIA Atelier