TRUCKSUR Offices_2020

The question that the project tries to answer is simply how to proceed when everything is against you. When you don't have light, you don't have ventilation, you have nowhere to look, and yet you have noise, pollution and confusion.

The commission consisted of inserting, almost as in a surgical operation, a new administrative volume inside an old metallurgical factory, used for more than 20 years as a scrapyard for a large industrial group.

Towards the west, the only existing façade of the entire complex, a highway with constant traffic, made a fluid relationship with the outside impossible. At best, it would allow the capture of daytime natural light with the exception of the evening hours, when the excessive incidence of sunlight made working conditions impossible.
On the opposite side, an empty, dusty and indeterminate industrial space, where at least a visual and contemplative appeal could be found for the users of the interior spaces.

With this lack of light, difficulty in natural ventilation, constant noise and conditioned visuals, the only strategy we found was to create a hermetic and autonomous space, isolated from the outside, but also ethereal and transparent, where you can glimpse everything that surrounds you from an exclusively contemplative way.

To this end, glass with reinforced thermal-acoustic glazing, forced ventilation system, hot-cold radiant air conditioning and enhanced, but low-consumption artificial lighting were essential strategies to satisfy the functional requirements of the spaces.
Almost as the only freedom of movement within all the conditions we had to solve, a spiral staircase of variable width and a square plan connects the two levels of the project, articulating the open space and service areas, in an upward turn that visually displays the functioning of the self-sufficient mechanism.


Baena Martínez, Juan José
Gómez Martínez, Marta
Jedrus Cabrera, Joanna

David Rivera Contreras


Building Company
Construcciones Javier Guzmán S.L.

Muro cortinal:

Grupo Mariano Luque