Castilla 55

It intervenes in a stately courtyard house from the 18th century, on an emblematic street in the Triana neighborhood, in which the protection of the main construction elements (façade, first bay, staircase and patio) will condition the development of the project, focusing the intervention in the rear area of the plot.

In the proposed rehabilitation, both the first bays and the bearing walls that define the outline of the building, visible inside the houses, have been maintained. Preserving the original materiality, symbolized in the thick solid brick factories.

The project focuses on the intervention on the void resulting after the demolition of the rear area, delimited only by the perimeter bearing walls. A building is projected that develops around a courtyard delimited with walls of tubular metal profiles lacquered in white, which will give the building a unique image. A contemporary language and materiality is used, glass, metal structure, walkways ... in contrast to the constructive elements that remain.

The new outdoor space that is generated, becomes the most representative element, which allows projected loft-type homes to have large glass surfaces, guaranteeing ample lighting.

The reflections on a large sheet of water, accentuate the lighting of the patio, and increase the privacy of the houses on the ground floor, since they


Haro Greppi, Javier

Pérez Malaver, Cristina. Arquitecta
González Guerrero, Javier
Triviño Ruiz, Jesús
Fernández Naranjo,María
Diérez-Holgado, Karmele
Villa Barbacid, Javier. Arquitecto técnico
Tarriño León, Fernando. Cálculo estructural
Singek. Instalaciones

Calle 55 Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza. Gestiona: Gaesa Cooperativa, S.L.

Building Company
Clan Galydea