House in San Juan

The house shares diving walls with two neighboring properties and is located in a narrow street of the old town of Sevilla, on the premises of what used to be the water system of the city in the Roman times.

From an urban point of view, we propose an architectural style which is calm and discrete, seeking to strike the right balance between the use of traditional and contemporary compositional elements.

The main access is through an exterior covered path connecting to the central courtyard. The building is organized in three floors plus a basement. The ground floor is very flexible. As in traditional homes, it is the most versatile. In this case, we find a set of rooms which can be accessed both through the main house and the courtyard and can be used as apartments, offices, guest rooms or otherwise. Bedrooms are located on the first floor and are accessed through a hall that can function as a living room. The living room and an open kitchen are located on the last floor, taking a distance from the street and facilitating an easier connection to the terrace as if the latter were its natural extension.


MRD Arquitectos
Rubio Marín, Luis
Moreno Gutiérrez, Jesús
Daza Fernández, Rosalino - Arq. técnico
Marqués Vilaplana, Francisco

NextForce (Estructura)
Miguel Sibón Roldán (Instalaciones)
Emvia (Telecomunicaciones)


Building Company
Construcciones Javier Guzmán, S.L.

Sevilla (see map)