Casa Riscos (Nervión Neighborhood, Seville)

Agustín and Pilar lived in an apartment on the first floor of a small building that had been built in phases. It started as a single
story workshop followed by an upstairs apartment add-on with a small 2.5 x 2.5 m patio. After buying the workshop, their wish
was to unify the levels into a single family home, using all possible gross surface area and extending it with a penthouse. Three
architectural elements show up that go beyond the basic refurbishment: a new attic, a new stair connecting it with the rest of the
building, and a patio that now extends to the ground floor.
We see our part in this project as being about concluding the building. We have taken the final steps of the process while
creating a character that, without forgetting the building's previous phases, makes the entire building coherent. We make this
obvious on the patio where vertical steel elements extend through the height of the building, unifying all floors, while the different
levels are marked with different colours (cement grey, white and english green) of the same materials. The penthouse, all in
english green, is covered with a cantilevered exposed concrete slab that finishes the structure, because we think that in some
way buildings should tell that they are concluded.


Gómez Mora, José
Montes Estrada, Daniel
Studio Wet

Ánabel Orellana
Pedro Lobato , Estructura - Statics
Victor Silveira, Instalaciones - Elec&Mechanical
Carmen Esteban Garmendia, Dirección de Ejecucion - Quantity Survevor

Familia Gallego-Riscos

Building Company
Cruz y Maguillo S.L.