PH Caleta

Caleta is an apartment building in Coco del Mar, a residential neighborhood that has undergone a series of transformations in recent years. The project focuses on resolving programmatic requirements, while keeping an adequate volumetric proportion within its context. With this in mind, it maintains a mid-rise scale, characteristic of the first buildings that were developed in the area.

The design is inspired by several characteristic elements of these first architectural examples, such as lattices, open brick walls, and large balconies that are reinterpreted in a contemporary manner. The apartment floor plans are elongated and have two apartment units per level, separated by a vertical circulation volume that works as a privacy barrier between the units. On each unit bedrooms are grouped into a corner, so that the social areas span transversally with windows on both sides, achieving an optimal ventilation and a constant exposure to natural light while framing the views of the sea and the city.

The project is aligned towards the front of the property with a setback that allows for an elongated garden parallel to the sidewalk. The first three levels contain parking areas, and are defined by grooved walls finished in cement and openings covered with expanded mesh so that ventilation and exposure to sunlight occur naturally in these levels.

The building consists of a ground level with an access lobby and parking, 3 levels of parking areas and storage, and 13 levels of apartment units and common areas that include a swimming pool, a gym, and a multipurpose room.


Fémur Arquitectura
Guardia, Gilberto
Zafrani, Ramón

Alex Suriol
Claudio López

Building Company
Ingenieria RM