"Seis" Restaurant

SEIS RESTAURANT Julio César Street, Sevilla, España.

Location: Sevilla
Client: Private /
Project area: 525 m²

Architects authors:
DONAIRE ARQUITECTOS / donairearquitectos.com
Interior Design:
PERSEVERA PRODUCCIONES / perseveraproducciones.com

Architect team:
Juan Pedro Donaire

Carlos Iglesias
José Fco García Guitérrez
Pablo Baruc García Gómez
Juan José García Tiscornia
Maria Ramos Bollo
M. Isabel Blanco Hernández
Adolfo Monserrat Gómez
Julia Guerrero Rubio


The two-levels restaurant with three drinks bars, is located in the centre of Seville, at the base of the well-known Hotel Inglaterra.
Consists of a modern open-space design, focused on giving a new approach to the restaurant's concept.
The project’s main aim is to create a cozy atmosphere which highlights a contrast with the hard urban environment.

All the materials used, such as timber, fabric or marble, seek to provide freshness to the different spaces.
Oak flooring, walls and columns cladded in oak, along with handmade fabric ceilings; help to reach a high level of acoustic performance.
Lastly, the use of the vegetation is one of the strongest elements of the design. In the entrance to the restaurant, the main bar stand outs by the massive tree built-in inside, which reaches to the ceiling and conforms the perimeter of the bar itself.
Both sofisticated velvet furniture and vegetation, unify and bring colour to the restaurant.