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Curso de Fundamentos de Fotografía y Arquitectura, I Edición

Desde el pasado 1 de diciembre hasta el 20 de enero de 2017 queda abieto el plazo de pre-inscripción de la primera edición del curso de Fundamentos de Fotografía y Arquitectura.

Dirigido por Javier López Rivera y Jorge Yeregui Tejedor, el principal objetivo del curso es introducir nuevos horizontes y ámbitos laborales para arquitectos y fotógrafos, dotando al alumno de los conocimientos y técnicas necesarios para realizar todo el proceso: desde la planificación del proyecto fotográfico, la toma fotográfica, la presentación y entrega, pasando por el flujo de trabajo en la postproducción digital y la edición, e incluso la exposición final del trabajo, Además incide en la concepción del proyecto fotográfico como un proceso integral que no se limita al instante de la toma de la imagen y al retoque en postproducción sino que comprende además una fase previa de organización y preparación del proyecto.

Toda la información detallada sobre el curso, así como el proceso de pre-inscripción e inscripción, se puede encontrar en la web del Centro de Formación Permanente de la Universidad de Sevilla, o a través del siguiente acceso directo a dicho curso:


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The article by Anatxu Zabalbeascoa in The Country Weekly

The journalist and historian Anatxu Zabalbeascoa writes regularly on architecture in different media (newspaper, blog and weekly extra) related to the newspaper El País, contributing to better understanding and dissemination of the last works in this field as well as in the design. In “The Country Weekly”, October 9th, she wrote an interesting article entitled “Performance at the periphery” which reviews a number of exemplary interventions from the point of view of their “singularity” – a concept that is undergoing reformulation, seeking a new life with other values, solid and permanent, as transformation, research, price, maintenance, location, visibility, sustainability, etc.

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A team of three architectural offices from Seville (Runners-up, Lugader and Beanie) has published this guide to contemporary architecture of the city, as an inniciative to spread internationally news on our local architecture. Following the presentation, an exhibition which “offers a tour of the most outstanding examples of architecture in the city of the year 2000 to 2010″  will take place at University of Seville (July 15th till September 15th).

“After a long period of assimilation of the architectural and infrastructure demonstrations held to mark the EXPO’92, and for which Seville´s urban morphology and its function as a metropolis were substantially transformed,  the first decade of XXI century starts as a period of transcendent projects and urban changes, related to movility and public spaces”.

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New photographic reports

© Fernando Alda

Three new reports on architecture have been added to our website. Our lastest works refer to the documentation of the following projects: Rehabilitation of housing in Pagés del Corro by Ubaldo Garcia Torrente, Training and Application Centre for Renewable Energies and Environment in Lucena by José Antonio Dorado and Inmaculada C Aldba. Ceacero Martinez and New headquarters of Pieralisi in Mengíbar, Jaén by Antonio Gutierrez and Eduardo Aragües Bentué Rioja, that belong to Servicios Integrales de Ingeniería IDOM.

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Plaza de la Encarnación: A new agora Sevilla? / Encarnacion Square: a new agora in Seville?

Metropol Parasol Plaza de Encarnación concentracion protestas indignados riots

Always, the main square of the city of Seville was the Plaza Nueva, in front of City Hall, and of course there are all kinds of celebrations organized, events, concentraciones o manifestaciones. But the protests of recent days, first, have been convened in the Plaza de la Encarnación. Does this mean that Mushrooms are becoming the new agora Sevilla? treatment or simply- a new chapter of ournovelería.

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Bauwelt on Metropol Parasol

Bauwelt, a well-established German magazine on architecture and construction, dedicates its issue On. 18/2011 almost exclusively to Metropol Parasol. Three in-depth articles together with extensive graphic material (drawings, models, plans and photos) present the object analysing both its assets and contradictory urban, architectural and construction solutions.

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