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House of Culture in Entrambasaguas (Santander)

This architectural intervention by the architects Ana Ruiz de Apodaca and Carmen Pérez Díaz is the winning entry for a competition held by the Town of Entrambasaguas, a small town in the Spanish region Cantabria near Santander. The competion task was to design a House of Culture on a site located near the doctor’s office and the church, and its proposal was to create “a symbiosis between the open and the constructed space”.

The building is slightly rotated around the axis of the street and the doctor´s office, “creating three open spaces. The first one is a green carpet that welcomes visitors and gives the perspective of the building access. The second space is a car park located in a less visible area bounded by the medical center and the House of Culture itself, that allows for a shared use of the car park. The last one is a garden as an extension of the House of Culture, that hosts a a health park for the ealdery people and tree areas”.

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Tower “The Castle” of Huércal Overa in Casabella

The Casabella magazine, in its 804th edition, has published an extensive report on the statement made by the architects Mercedes Heritage Varela and Luis Castillo Villegas in the Tower “The Castle” Huércal-Overa. It is a thirteenth-century watchtower Nazari, which was built in the final moments of this kingdom. Located atop a hill overlooking the surrounding valleys, this ancient fortress of which have retained only the central elements, was part of a defensive belt of the border.

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