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(Spanish) Nuevo Taller de Fotografía de ArquitecturaObjetivo Itálica

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(Spanish) XII MUNDANEUM. Arquitecturas y ciudades necesarias” 3-4-5 Octubre en Granada

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(Spanish) Taller de campo “(Ad) Mirando la arquitectura”, de Duccio Malagamba

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La memoria de lo imaginadoopening in Granada

The next April 7th at 12h opens the Fernando Alda’s exhibition La memoria de lo imaginado, inEl legado andalusí2 fundation of Grandada.

More information: El legado andalusíFacebook

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20th anniversary of Expo´92

The TV programmeLos Reporterosby Canal Sur presents its special edition for the 20th anniversary of Expo´92 in Seville. It was a great and very special period in the city´s history and for its inhabitants. We relive the same emotions through the eyes of the photographers who worked days and nights recording everything related to the Expo, its spaces, art, events and people. Today, thanks to Fernando Alda, Pepe Morón, Anna Elías, Luís Castilla, Atin Aya and Emilio Sanmartín the Expo´s archive has at its disposal great quantity of material that is being digitalized. For the moment around 40 thousand has been photographs processed.

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Public liberary in Ceuta. Work in progress

Biblioteca en Ceuta durante la construcción, arquitectos Paredes Pedrosa

Public Library in Ceuta: Construction site © Fernando Alda

Construction site photography is of great importance to our studio and we constantly try to overcome, by applying strong economic incentives, the reasons for not turning it into a widespread practice. The knowledge that it gives us both about the project, its space and basic ideas, puts us in an optimal position for the completion of final report. That record allows us to completely cover our concept of documentary architectural photography, providing valuable information for the various participants of the architectural process (administrations, invertors, architects, construction companies, specialists …), something that cannot always be done from the finish.

We are currently conducting follow-up documentation and photographic work in the new public library in Ceuta. The project by Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos won the architectural competition in 2007 and has been published by some media.

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