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September Archive, 2011

Kindergarden in Albolote (Grenada) in AV magazine

Arquitectura Viva publishes in its annual double edition No. 147-148 a selection of the best of Spanish architecture of the year. Among the works selected one can find our report on the Kindergarten Albolote (Grenada) by the architect Alejandro Muñoz Miranda. This work is characterized by strong geometry defined by bleached planes, that reflect light outwards, and the glazed openings that dye the light on its way to fill the interior space with color “and so the children pass on their daily walks joyfull spaces and playful dreamlike atmosphere, that experience constant change.

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Tower “The Castle” of Huércal Overa in Casabella

The Casabella magazine, in its 804th edition, has published an extensive report on the statement made by the architects Mercedes Heritage Varela and Luis Castillo Villegas in the Tower “The Castle” Huércal-Overa. It is a thirteenth-century watchtower Nazari, which was built in the final moments of this kingdom. Located atop a hill overlooking the surrounding valleys, this ancient fortress of which have retained only the central elements, was part of a defensive belt of the border.

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Public liberary in Ceuta. Work in progress

Biblioteca en Ceuta durante la construcción, arquitectos Paredes Pedrosa

Public Library in Ceuta: Construction site © Fernando Alda

Construction site photography is of great importance to our studio and we constantly try to overcome, by applying strong economic incentives, the reasons for not turning it into a widespread practice. The knowledge that it gives us both about the project, its space and basic ideas, puts us in an optimal position for the completion of final report. That record allows us to completely cover our concept of documentary architectural photography, providing valuable information for the various participants of the architectural process (administrations, invertors, architects, construction companies, specialists …), something that cannot always be done from the finish.

We are currently conducting follow-up documentation and photographic work in the new public library in Ceuta. The project by Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos won the architectural competition in 2007 and has been published by some media.

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A culinary school in a former slaughterhouse in Medina Sidonia

A culinary school in a former slaughterhouse in Medina Sidonia © Fernando Alda

Recently we published on our website's architecture photography last finished work architects Maria Gonzalez y Juanjo Lopez de la Cruz. We do not believe that this project should go unnoticed. This is an interesting intervention that responds to the request to install a hospitality school in the old building of the abattoir, Cadiz in the town of Medina Sidonia. The project developed from an initial position of engagement with the place and the existing building (analysis, development and respect for the town and its old slaughterhouse), further the search for architectural, more personal, a certain formal abstraction. It reaches its expansion in areas not built and annexes, being especially notable and free decks. As we show some images of all, this solution is not at all the result of a rhetorical exercise. The aim is rather fit and “shelter” the building in its urban reality. The right look, established some distance, forms reveals that, color and materials are anything but capricious and, perhaps- were present between the lines in a text that this project has been able to read in poetic form.

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Piranesi Prix de Rome 2011 Museum Prize for Madinat Al Zahra

Press release Sobejano Nieto Architects:

Museo Madinat al Zahra de Nieto y Sobejano

Madinat al-Zahra Museum © Fernando Alda

Piranesi Award Prix de Rome 2011 “Planning Archaeology – Designing Archaeology” was granted last Thursday 1 September in Rome to Madinat al Zahra Museum Cordoba, work Architects Sobejano Nieto.

The Jury chaired by Luca Basso Peressut included Lucio Altarelli, Francesco Dal Co, Romulus Martemucci, Amedeo Schiattarella, Luigi Spinelli, Pier Angelo Torricelli y Federico Caliari. The project was selected from 17 Finalists for works carried out in Italy, French, Germany, Egypt, China and Spain.

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