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July Archive, 2011


A team of three architectural offices from Seville (Runners-up, Lugader and Beanie) has published this guide to contemporary architecture of the city, as an inniciative to spread internationally news on our local architecture. Following the presentation, an exhibition which “offers a tour of the most outstanding examples of architecture in the city of the year 2000 to 2010″  will take place at University of Seville (July 15th till September 15th).

“After a long period of assimilation of the architectural and infrastructure demonstrations held to mark the EXPO’92, and for which Seville´s urban morphology and its function as a metropolis were substantially transformed,  the first decade of XXI century starts as a period of transcendent projects and urban changes, related to movility and public spaces”.

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New photographic reports

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Three new reports on architecture have been added to our website. Our lastest works refer to the documentation of the following projects: Rehabilitation of housing in Pagés del Corro by Ubaldo Garcia Torrente, Training and Application Centre for Renewable Energies and Environment in Lucena by José Antonio Dorado and Inmaculada C Aldba. Ceacero Martinez and New headquarters of Pieralisi in Mengíbar, Jaén by Antonio Gutierrez and Eduardo Aragües Bentué Rioja, that belong to Servicios Integrales de Ingeniería IDOM.

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San Telmo Museum in AV

Magazine Arquitectura Viva Select a picture has become our home for. Story belongs to the San Telmo Museum, San Sebastian, built by the architects Fuensanta Nieto and Enrique Sobejano, has recently been opened. It is very gratifying for us now see the results of a study that has lasted long, and we have followed the work in its construction and have extensively documented the process. There have been many photographs-may- not be seen, contained in them but that would not exist otherwise. The virtuality of the works in progress generates unique time and space, on that one day we must reflect.

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URUK overview on architecture 02 (04/11)

An Italian magazine/newspaper Uruk, from Palermo, with which we had established contact and cooperation, has published several articles of interest. We are particularly pleased with the presence of some works, projects and images that have been really important for us for many reasons. Whether because of the long collaboration with architects, the special relationship with some works or the load of personal content in some images, it has been very  gratifying to receive URUK in our studio, enjoy the reading and the Italian taste that is so close to us.

Among the articles published in this issue we highlight VS-UNIFORM UNIVERSAL JOINT, by Mark Scarpinato; GRANADA. Qal `at al-Hanro dedicated to Alvaro Siza and Juan Domingo Santos for the new access to Alhambra in Granada; CORDOBA. MADINAT AL ZAHARA dedicated to the museum built by the architects Fuensanta Nieto and Enrique Sobejano, recently recognized with the Aga Khan Award for Architecture.

This relationship has been established in a very special and satisfying way. I all started with the personal project “From the Monument to the City, From the City to the Ocean” that never stops surprising us.

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Water Museum in Lanjarón

Renovation of an old water mill, Lanjarón, Grenada

Text: Juan Domingo Santos, architect

Photography: Fernando Alda

The town of Lanjaron is located on the southern slope of Sierra Nevada. Known for its craftsmanship, the production of quality honey and its healing waters, it is one of the most renowned resorts in Spain.

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