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Plaza de la Encarnación: A new agora Sevilla? / Encarnacion Square: a new agora in Seville?

Metropol Parasol Plaza de Encarnación concentracion protestas indignados riots

Always, the main square of the city of Seville was the Plaza Nueva, in front of City Hall, and of course there are all kinds of celebrations organized, events, concentraciones o manifestaciones. But the protests of recent days, first, have been convened in the Plaza de la Encarnación. Does this mean that Mushrooms are becoming the new agora Sevilla? treatment or simply- a new chapter of ournovelería.

Regardless of all the controversies surrounding the construction of the wooden structure World's Largest, seems that the rehabilitation of the urban space can provide an alternative to other traditional public uses. No one could takeshopping center with an action of this content to bear the economic interests of the concessionaire this and other public uses, several, long and not always compatible with business?Metropol Parasol Is a new icon for Sevilla?

From the outset it was clear that his success as a tourist attraction would be instant, but much more complicated that people will embrace this space if you do not really feel like himself: for all activities and at all times.

When tensions accumulated during its construction has already begun to age, the tension between public and private begins to take shape with the same uncertainty that manifests itself in other urban areas. Should no longer speak of a specific future for the Plaza de Encarnación because, inevitably, will share with the whole city.

Plaza Nueva (New Square), in front of the city hall, has always been the most important square in Seville where all kinds of events and demonstrations took place. Nevertheless, the recent protests against Spain’s economic crisis were organized on Encarnación Square. Does this mean that we are witnessing a conquest for Seville’s agora?

Metropol Parasol Plaza de la Encarnación concentración protestas indignados riots

Protestas en Plaza de Encarnación Sevilla Metropol Parasol espacios publico indignados riots public square in Seville

Protests in Plaza de la Encarnación © Fernando Alda

23 May, 2011 · Published in news

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