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Projects selected for XI BEAU

Among the 256 works selected for the XI Spanish Biennale of Architecture and Urban Design we found the projects listed below, definitelly worth recommnding. We express our warmest congratulations and wish them successes in the future.

Antonio Tejedor Cabrera, Mercedes Linares Gómez del Pulgar:  Visitors´ Centre at the Roman Theatre in Málaga

Centro de Visitantes del Teatro Romano de Málaga

Visitors´ Centre at the Roman Theatre in Málaga © Fernando Alda

Pelegrin Marta Rodríguez, Fernando Pérez Blanco: Public liberary in Cañada Rosal

Biblioteca municipal Cañada Rosal

Public liberary in Cañada Rosal © Fernando Alda

Fran Sylvester Architects:  House on a slope of a castle hill

Casa en la Ladera de un Castillo

House on a slope of a castle hill © Fernando Alda

Ramón Fernández-Alonso Borrajo:  Cultural Centre and New City Hall of Archidona

Nueva sede del Ayuntamiento de Archidona

Cultural Center and New City Hall of Archidona © Fernando Alda

Elisa Valero Ramos:Studio house on Bethlehem Street

Casa Estudio de Elisa Valero

Studio house on Bethlehem Street © Fernando Alda

17 April, 2011 · Published in awards, news

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In addition to these projects, has also been selected in the XI BEAU Regulation and Control Center Albacete Railway.



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