Casa Vid e Higuera

Housing project located in playa Ostional on top of the hill next to the coast, a piece of land with a terrace at its highest point but with a very steep slope that descends to sea level, surrounded by extensive vegetation.
This house has a main level where the main entrance, social area, service areas, secondary bedroom, office and master bedroom are located at the north end of the property in the most private area of the lot. Then, through a descent to a sub level, two more bedrooms and a gym are included, these areas are immersed in the mountains and the forest, making its structure go unnoticed and blend with its environment rooted in its context. This is achieved not only through its positioning and its shape, but it is also enhanced using natural materials and the colour scheme of its facades.
This house was designed with high environmental responsibility, due to its proximity to playa Ostional and this being one of the most important turtle nesting destinations in Costa Rica, including solar energy collection systems, electrical automation, and turtle-friendly lights. Control of both rainwater and wastewater.


LSD-Laboratory Sustaining Design

LSD Partners:
Solís, Luis Mauricio / Tinoco, Rodolfo
Lsd Team:
Arias Sandí, Sheryl
Jimenez, Cristian (Electromecánico)
Esquivel, Mario (S3 Ingenieros Estructurales)

Jimaco Constructores

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