Balcony House

The sloped topography of this site inspired the main concept of the house, to generate different perspectives and realities along the different levels of the building.

All these spaces have a view of the Tamarindo Bay and are joined by a common triple height space with a bridge that connects to the rooms.

The first floor social areas of the house have a natural concrete finish that grounds the structure to the topography and defines two main levels that split the house in two overlapping spaces.

The second level light metal structure and siding exterior finish resemble natural wooden materiality creating relationship with the canopies of the trees.


LSD-Laboratory Sustaining Design
Solis, Luis Mauricio
Tinoco, Rodolfo

Misael Rodríguez
Adrián Guevara
CJ Ingeniería Electromecánica
ING. Estructural Roberto Riggioni