Offices for the new Territorial Headquarters of Banco Santander.

The former headquarters of the Merchant Bank is a 1900 project by the architect Casimiro Pérez de la Riva. The building has suffered different transformations but has maintained the clarity of its structure of cast iron pillars around the courtyard. It is intended to provide the building with a new, more unitary destination. The building is connected vertically by an atrium that extends from the basement floor, through the rest of the floors, to a multifunctional space on deck. Thus, the verticality of the patio and the structural clarity are reinforced. Maximum transparency will allow the understanding of the whole building at once through the vertical patio. On the lower floors, Banco Santander will install a show office offering a wide range of services and activities far from conventional offices ones. Areas for coffee, coworking, meeting rooms, will be available to those who request it. The first, second and third floors will house offices of Banco Santander. They will mostly be open offices and only a series of offices are planned next to the south facade. The building is topped off with a multipurpose space, which will be used as a relaxation area, talks, presentations, etc


Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

Arquitectos colaboradores:
de Cos, David; Fuentes, Helena; González, Javier; Mota, Sergio; Sánchez, Blanca
Infografía: Show me the project
Ingeniería de estructuras: Cesma Ingenieros
Ingeniería de clima: IS Ingenieros
Acústica: IS ingenieros
Protección contra Incendios: IS ingenieros
Control de Obra: IDOM

Banco Santander