Three Trees

The entrance to the house is a fusion of man-made elements and nature. A bridge over a stone garden leads to an entry hall nestled between two of the three trees that give the house its name. River stones extend inside and cascade under a perforated metal stairs into a reflecting pool that’s integrated to the swimming pool. Looking through sliding glass doors the pool acts as foreground of an ocean view framed by the third tree.

The arrival space at the bottom of the stairs seems to exist in a transitional zone between indoors and outdoors. The lack of a clear boundary between the two creates an ambiguous and fluid environment where both merge seamlessly.

The indoor/outdoor water and river stones is one of the main design features of the house. In the afternoon when the sun hits the water, it reflects its undulating rays unto the ceiling creating a surreal light display. Along the back of the house small wood bridges run over the water and connect the social areas with staircases that lead to two sets of master suites one on each side of the house each suite having either jungle or ocean views.

One of these stairs is over river stones similar to the one at the entrance hall and runs beside a glass bridge. The other one is a steel structure with cantilevered glass steps.

To adapt to the difficult slope of the terrain and to keep the building light, round metal columns were used for the main support structure. The columns also reach out diagonally beneath the two main decks that extend outwards in front of the kitchen and living area. Both of these areas are integrated into the decks via sliding glass doors that cover the whole length of the opening.

The roofs are inclined planes, like overlapping leaves that catch the breeze and ventilate every room, creating a comfortable balance between indoor and outdoor living.

Exposed concrete walls were designed in the living room and kitchen, adding a touch of natural beauty to the house's modern design.

Originally designed in 2015, it was later adapted to suit the owners´ needs. Their new input helped design a house which effortlessly integrates with nature.


Cañas Arquitectos
Cañas, Andrés
Cañas, Víctor

Arq. Víctor Cañas
Equipo de diseño:
Arq. Sara Araya Barrantes
Arq. Andrés Cañas
Diseño Estructural
Sotela Alfaro Ltda.
Ing. Juan Carlos Sotela
Diseño Electromecánico
ECG. Ing. Roberto Donadío

Building Company
Ing. Marcos Charpantier