4 Apartments block with overlapping

The part of a building that is not within the limits of the property that corresponds to it, but rather invades the adjoining plot, is called engalaberno.This situation is common in some historic cities in the south of Spain, as is the case of Lagunillas neighborhood in the city of Málaga, where many buildings fit into each other, overlapping their spaces.

Before the intervention, the plot had a engalaberno on the first floor, on the plane of the only façade facing the street. Far from reaching an economic agreement with the neighbor to demolish this historic irregularity, the architecture of the new dwellings of 4 houses integrates the protrusion of the adjoining house and molds its geometry to the strange body, recovering the lower space and the above of this for extended residential use. This circumstance produces a unique volumetric encounter on the façade that has given rise to the popular name of the Tetris Building.

This is developed on four floors at the front, facing the street, and five mezzanines facing the backyard. The precise staggering of the heights of the floor and mezzanine slabs generates houses with two heights, on the first and second floors, and three heights, on the ground and third floors. This set of heights in multiples of 1.65 m allows the construction of a semi-basement at the rear and raising the volume up to a fifth height, thus reaching the maximum habitable height allowed by the regulations at the back of the plot. On the façade, it recovers the height of the ground floor plus three, in multiples of 3.30 m, coinciding with the predominant height of the multifamily typologies in the area.

The façade clearly expresses the geometric peculiarity found, refers on the ground and first floors to the continuity of vertical openings of the pre-existing traditional construction, analogous to the adjacent house, and shows a more contemporary language in the plastic solution and proportion of plant openings. third and fourth.


Estudio Chico Muñoz
Muñoz, José Luis

Usero Guerrero, Daniel; Hernández, Julián; Aguilera Delgado, Ángel;
Arquitectos técnicos
Bayo, Gabriel y García Amat, Antonio J.

Reactiva Properties S.L. empresa

Building Company
Comeji S.L. / Reactiva Rehabilitación S.L.



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