TJ House

Mediterranean essence, minimalist character.

In the TJ house we value traditional materials, their ability to connect us with nature and authentic beauty.
The stone used in the area coexists in harmony with the ceramics, the protagonist of this project conceived as an elevated platform. As if it were a large ceramic rug. A serene and timeless atmosphere.

The beauty and complexity of the apparently simple, seeking to solve with a single gesture, with a single material, an architecturally complex project, in search of the essence of minimalism.

The facade is not an element that isolates us from the outside, it is a transition layer that connects us with the environment that surrounds us, to establish a direct connection through light and the landscape.

The access to the house is marked by a path of Beren slabs, indicating the path to the house.

The main hall is a statement of intent. A compendium of materials and the dialogue that will be established between them in the rest of the house. A space where the limits between the exterior and the interior are blurred.

All rooms flow through landscaped areas, seeking natural light and cross ventilation. The house thought as a healthier place. A refuge that connects us with the essential.

A construction that tries to solve the needs and functionalities of a home in a clear and resounding way, like its Architecture, in which light and material homogeneity will be the factors that will guide each detail, creating a space with denomination of origin, with a Mediterranean soul, and that architecturally obeys a way of understanding life, eliminating the superfluous and focusing on purity and the truly essential.

This is how we conceived our project, based on a single collection and using all its finishes and product types that Bera&Beren offered us, being able to solve structures, enclosures, cladding, furniture and volumes, elements considered key to the project, due to their contribution of value and uniqueness.

Architecture has the power to “stop time”, creating atmospheres capable of taking you to other places, to other states of mind. In this way we conceive the TJ house, created to capture calm, transforming every moment into an experience of calm and serenity.


Medrano + Sáez, arquitectos

Building Company