Clínica C.R. boutique dental & estética

From old bakery to clinic.

The project is based on the romantic idea of designing a clinic in what had been the family bakery almost 100 years ago.

Located on the ground floor, in the heart of the city of Lepe, it has a unique and emblematic facade. The space has two very different pavilions; the main one, with very important structural arches that set the pace of the plan, and a second one, more up-to-date pavilion that has undergone alterations over time.

In search of the essence, which we intuit under the different existing skins, we dig to reach our own blank canvas, based on the enhancement of the existing materiality and the search for light.
With the arches and facing bricks as protagonists, an infinite microcement floor in natural linen colour is built as a base, and a series of vertical glass walls are honestly designed to accomplish the clinic requirements, being closed only the complementary uses.

The original facade is preserved taking advantage of the existing apertures to build a delicate cream colour carpentry, the entrance through a glass box and the light source of the waiting room.

All these glass planes generate a tension between interior and exterior, originated by the dialogue of voids, the incidence of light, and the warmth of the materials, creating an atmosphere of seduction that the visitor can enjoy from the beginning of his experience.

Spatial resources, textures, materials and interior design: panelling, furniture, lighting, clothing, carefully designed and selected by the studio, establish the clinic's brand image. An image that evokes the beauty and delicacy of the warm Mediterranean.


Macías, María Ángeles
Mar Macías Atelier

Arquitectura: mar macías atelier. Macías, María Ángeles.
Interiorismo: mar macías atelier. Macías, María Ángeles.
Ingeniería: Peco, Jose Luis.

Clínica C.R. boutique dental & estética

Building Company
JF construcciones

Madrid Forest; Icónico; Homecret; D-luz; Vide-greniers; Carpintería metálica: Leo Sánchez metalúrgica; Carpintería de madera: Hermanos Méndez; Vidrios: Saint-Gobain.