Walkway CEIP San Agustín

The purpose of this extension is the incorporation of a walkway and staircase that unifies the two volumes that make up the San Agustin school, located less than 2 km from the Natural Park of Puntas Entinas-Sabinar in the plasticized landscape of western Almeria (Spain).

The new construction responds to the need for modernization and adaptation to fire and accessibility regulations, which the current buildings did not comply with, and which was initially planned to be resolved independently for each of the buildings that make up the school.

The proposal unifies the two buildings by stitching and building fluid routes in a sort of promenade architecturale, which is integrated into the context of the Mediterranean wetland of the Puntas Entinas Natural Park and aims to highlight its luminous atmosphere, with special attention to the


Palenzuela Navarro, Antonio

José Gabriel Bayo Barranco,
Antonio J. García Amat

APAE. Junta de Andalucia

Building Company
Grupo CMH, Constructora Molina e Hijos, S.L.