Solarium House

Conditioning factors
We start from a small trapezoidal-shaped plot where two of its sides are dividing walls, the other two open to the south and west respectively, in a highly heterogeneous urban low-density housing context despite, or due to, being a relatively new area in the town.
The suggested program is quite complete: living-dining room-kitchen, four bedrooms, one of them multipurpose and the main one with a dressing room, two bathrooms, a laundry room, a single garage and, if possible, a terrace with a swimming pool and a small multipurpose room.
The regulations of the municipality allow us only an occupation of 80% of the plot and a maximum height, on the sides aligned with the facade, of 7.50 meters.

The geometry is not arbitrary, apart from responding to the previous conditions required in the urban regulations; the classic typology in the area, with a single interior-backyard, did not provide the dynamism sought, nor the versatility necessary for the housing needs program. It is subverted, therefore, by drilling the site through patio cracks to get the maximum amount of light and air in it. This translates into a configuration that tries to stretch the spaces visually appropriating the patios, aided by the glass panels, the fixed ones without visible carpentry.
These connected spaces, with different heights, are concatenated, allowing crossed views, but without losing their hierarchy, your subtle privacy. At the same time, the interior-exterior relationship is tried to be as fluid as possible, mainly where the social life of the house develops. With the arrival of good weather, the sliders open as a single uninterrupted space, aided by the continuity in walls and floors; limits are diluted, and life expands.
On the outside, the fissures-recesses allow controlling the southwest light, while at the same time giving the building an intentionally domestic scale. The holes strategically placed to achieve maximum solar radiation in winter and suitably protected in summer, have the size proportional to the degree of activity with which they are related; smaller the more intimate is this. The interior patio, with a green “wall”, will provide freshness in summer. White is used mainly, in contrast to its ineluctable and colorful surroundings, vindicating what not long ago was a town with whitewashed walls typical, as well as logical, in the south of Extremadura.

Finally, take advantage of the roof to provide the house with a playful space for relationship-leisure where you can occasionally enjoy family and friends as well. The limits of the regulations are squeezed to take advantage of the maximum surface area in the different areas: the swimming pool, the multipurpose covered space that could be from a games area, minibar, etc.; and the terrace-solarium with views of the fields of crops and the nearby mountains, partially landscaped, focused on the enjoyment of summer days and nights; to the hedonistic life, in short.


Montoya de Mera, Damián

Guisado, Ricardo. Arquitecto técnico.


Building Company
Construcciones Romero / Construcciones Juan Sosa