Industrial Building “Brigadas & Promedio East”

2018-2020, First Prize - Competition

The proposal is part of a series of works where we test the boundaries between urban and rural landscapes through an industrial use. In this case we found an unspoilt land, undeveloped, on the outskirts of the city.
The program of uses solves a typology on which we had previously worked: two industrial buildings with a simple program of uses made up of offices, open-plan work areas and double-height storage areas. The proposal organizes the program from east to west, in semidetached typology, which adapts its morphology to the surface and volume of the uses and the orography of the plot.
As if it were a classic composition, the building is constructed through stacked concrete facades blinded with a metal cladding. The brutality of the hard-executed concrete links the building with the landscape, while the structural order created links the scale of the complex with an idea of urban monumentality.


Álvarez-Cienfuegos Rubio, Antonio
Estudio Arquitectura HAGO

Cristina Barajas, Pablo Rua Conde, Pablo García Cornejo, Nuria Pérez

Carlos Rubio Manso y José Joaquín Escribano.

Luis Fernández Conejero.

Diputación de Badajoz

Building Company

Isaac Bachiller Galeano

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