Los Silos Civic Centre

The building, intended to provide auxiliary services to the town council, has a ground floor with a multipurpose room and administrative offices. As well has a second floor with three training classrooms, and a basement destined as municipal archives.

Compositively, it has been sought that the ground floor of the building, with more public use, is recognized as a base on which the volume of the upper floor rests displaced as a uniform parallelepiped structure, in which more specific programs are developed. At the northern limit of the plot, this basement folds vertically in an "L" shape, forming the perspective boundaries of the site. The result is a building that softens its presence with respect to the side street, by staggering towards it. It is popped at its end by a higher element that recalls the pre-existing silos, serving as an articulating element of possible extensions-connections on the neighbouring plot, also municipal property.

The opening to the patio space, on the ground floor, catalyses the continuity between the interior and exterior of the building, optimizing this relationship. For the volume that constitutes the upper floor, a unitary composition has been sought through a wrapping ceramic lattice that recalls the industrial scale of the place. With the same function to favour sun protection, views and as a security element, the front of the ground floor, which faces the side street, has been fitted with a grid of vertical metal sheets in various colours. This grille goes up to the top floor, giving a certain degree of colour to the whole facade. The rest of the ground floor is solved with glass and a precast white concrete brick wall.

The resources above mentioned, guaranteed the urban presence of the construction favouring, given its unique composition, its recognition as a public building, and in turn taking special care that this presence dialogues with the scale of the surrounding buildings.


Arroyo Yanes, Javier
Bretones del Pozo, Miguel
de la Cova Morillo-Velarde, Miguel Ángel

A. Barbadillo, arquitecto
Rocío Meier, aparejadora
Duarte Asociados, estructuras
Insur JG, instalaciones

Ayuntamiento de la Rinconada

Building Company