Casa Patio Passivhaus EB10

The CASA PATIO project is an isolated single-family Passivhaus that is developed on two floors.

The general formal issues of the project are determined by the specific characteristics of the plot and its surroundings, both physical and environmental, in addition to energy issues to ensure that the project meets all the requirements of a Passivhaus home, its CLT structure, and the character of housing for habitual use. And the living character for a common use


The volume is defined by several aspects. In the first place, by the regulations of the area that marks 10 m of setback to both the lateral boundaries and the bottom boundary of the plot. This together with the longitudinal character of the plot gives us a specific occupation area. Secondly, for a programmatic reason with the intention of differentiating the public from the private areas in two differentiated floors. And finally due to an energetic aspect that was favored by the inclusion of a slightly off-center patio of the resulting trapezoidal plan.

For this reason, we have as a result a compact volume of a trapezoidal plan that opens mainly to the south to capture as much solar radiation as possible and thus reducing the energy demand of the house. Likewise, the circulations, in the gallery, are located around the patio favoring the entry of natural light to the server spaces.


The program of needs is the typical one for a single-family home consisting of: living rooms, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, circulation spaces, and installation and garage spaces according to the table of surfaces that is written below, with their specific surfaces.

Structure and construction system

One of the main elements of the project is the structure of CLT, acronyms that correspond to Cross-LaminatedTimber, which translated into Spanish is; cross laminated wood. But in the case of this single-family home, in addition to being built in wood, it responds to the desire to be classified as a building with almost zero consumption (ECCN), which are those buildings that need very little, or no energy, to be able to heat up in winter and cool down in summer.

This will mean that both the insulation of the house and its water tightness, as well as the size and position of the windows, require specific and detailed solutions.


Aguilar, Luis
Ulargui, Clara

Castillón, Alba
Guardiola, Rebeca (@rgs_arquitectura)


Building Company

Mecanismos. JUNG
Ventilación (recuperador de calor). Zehnder
Aerotermia. Saunier Duval
Persianas. Griesser.
Ventanas madera. Carmave
Cubierta. BMI Group
Cocina. Salvadores Cocinas