House in the urbanization of Pinares de San Antón

In this project, the property requested us to continue an unfinished work of a house in the urbanization of Pinares de San Antón, on a plot with generous views of the Bay of Malaga. The work had to respect what was previously built, therefore, there were great starting conditions.

Therefore, we found a series of reinforced concrete boxes of different sizes, which were adapting to the rocky morphology of the terrain. These cubes were articulating the house, while respecting the existing grove.

It was decided to incorporate a large wooden pergola that would allow, on the one hand, the enjoyment of the porch area, an intermediate space so important in Mediterranean climates, and on the other, the protection of windows from direct sunlight in the hot months. In addition, as a strategy to improve the building's energy efficiency, we use a SATE system as exterior insulation, with a stucco finish. This texture contrasts with the personality of the woods, both of the pergola and of the shutters.

The house is in the mountains, but at the same time it recovers the traditional colors of this Mediterranean area where white limes and woods combine to protect the building from the hard ligth of Mediterranean sun.

The large corner openings are solved with carpentry that open at an angle without a fixed profile, as well as with a motorized shutter system finished in natural wood. This system allows the concealment of all the elements of carpentry, since they are hidden in the enclosures to free the windows and leave them clean.

In addition, we built a small infinity pool, which reflects the blue of the sea, transferring the marine freshness to the interior of the house.

The entire house enjoys wonderful panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and also has a large semi-covered terrace, all with a careful construction that reduces thermal loads to a minimum, getting the highest energy certification.


Estudio: 969 Arquitectos (Leopoldo González, Juan Fco. Parrilla, Fernando Pérez del Pulgar)
Situación: Urbanización Pinares de San Antón, Málaga
Promotor: Privado
Constructor: MTM Construcciones y proyectos
Casas implicadas: Parklex, Cocinas Schmidt, Technal, Simon, Weber
Superficie construida: 363m²
Presupuesto: 751.290€
Calificación energética: A


969 Arquitectos


Building Company
MTM Construcciones y proyectos