Wandering Museum

Wandering museum

Boxes of different origin and with different vocation, come, after countless drifts through remote
cities and towns of Panama, to the presence of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Panama
City, to a momentary rest, before continue it’s way.
They have arrived settling on earth, as if they were born from it. Now, in this collective situation,
they play and accommodate. The stone boxes offer a facade to the sky and create spaces for the
user and their movements - the dynamics of “the sustained” -, the metal boxes, floating, have left
their vocation of industrial load and now have the privilege of accommodating the uses of
exhibition hall one, and educational workshop, the other one; in -the dynamics of "the content" -.
They deal with playfulness and culturedness, they are implanted in the space to articulate the
actions that arise with the museum as the main witness and rest on what was the border
between the former Canal Zone and Panama City.

Project Name: Wandering Museum
Architect: Héctor Ayarza
Project management: Luis Guillén, Omar Torres
Construction Collab: Omar Vanega, Jesús Bonilla-Gil
Container Supplier: Arquitainer
Promoter: Museum of Contemporary Art of Panama
Containers facades art: Cisco Merel
Project location: Traveling museum (currently in Panama City)


Estudio Garúa
Ayarza, Héctor

Héctor Ayarza
Manejo de proyecto
Luis Guillén, Omar Torres
Colaboración en construcción
Omar Vanega, Jesús Bonilla-Gil
Arte en fachadas de los contenedores
Cisco Merel

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Panamá

Contenedores: Arquitainer