House in the country. Carmona, Sevilla

Located on the edge of an urbanization of the 60s, halfway between Carmona and Seville, the size of the plot (more than 4000 m2), its peripheral position and the absence of neighbors, make the physical space where the housing in something fully RURAL, empty of any urban or built reference. With these wickers, the implementation strategy resumes the invariance of Andalusian rural architecture, based on geometry and the creation of exterior spaces - central and secondary courtyards- around which the building is located.

The building is designed as a single-family home for own use in which the configuration of the plant revolves around an outdoor courtyard open on the south side to the rest of the vacant plot. Around it, three rectangular pieces are developed which appear to rotate around the courtyard until forming a kind of inverted U.

The covers are slightly inclined, in opposite directions, alternating with small flat areas, in order to achieve a certain volumetry of the whole, both exterior and interior, which compensates the development in a plant.

The functional program is organized in a single plant, structured in three pieces joined by two distributors. One of them is the living room, kitchen and dining room. The second one houses the master bedroom and its associated bathroom and dressing program. And the third one, houses the rest of the night program, with two bedrooms and a bathroom. Complete this piece a small toilet, locker room and storage, linked to the external uses of the plot.

The structure is solved based on vertical and horizontal panels of EPS, with micro-concrete coating projected, reinforced with steel on both sides (Baupanel system ©). This allows the meeting of structure and enclosure in a single element, of reduced thickness, the absolute absence of pillars, and a magnificent energetic behavior.