Natú Residential

YEAR: Design process started 2016 / construction completed December 2018
TYPOLOGY: Residential
AREA: 30,000m² (horizontal project)
LOCATION: San Rafael de Montes de Oca, San José, Costa Rica


Natú is considered a hybrid project due to its horizontal as well as it´s vertical composition. The design is based on the idea of creating a building that adapts to the terrain, thus modifying the natural topography as little as possible, which creates views towards "Parque del Este". Likewise, it is proposed to incorporate green areas to each housing unit through garden slabs. The aesthetic value and functionality of the building is favored by the presence of its natural counterpart, seeking to provide a particular experience through the integration of natural ecosystems as circuits within the project.

The location of the project is highly regarded, due to the qualities of “Parque del Este”; This park is a green area with steep slopes and natural routes, because of this, the project is inscribed within the perimeter of the tree-lined area, functioning as a visual connection. Green terraces are designed in each of the apartments in order to establish a link between nature and the architectural context, inserting natural spaces and plant elements not only inside each apartment but also in common areas.
Studies reveal that being surrounded by greenery or simply visualizing, smelling and hearing sounds from natural environments can stabilize heart rate, considerably improve the quality of life, as well as provide emotional comfort.

The morphology of the project adapts to the natural topography generating the least possible impact, allowing the land to shape the building. Nature becomes the main element within the proposal, providing a space for architecture and nature to coexist.