Single family house in Chiclana

Located to the Southeast of the town of Chiclana de la Frontera, within the limits of the urban area, the plot object of this project is very close to the coastline, and immersed in an eminently residential environment. The proposed building is of elongated shape, with its longitudinal axis oriented in a West-East direction, placed parallel to the northern boundary of the plot, and separated by 4m. of the property limits. The resulting disposition of the dwelling within the plot is due to the pursuit of the following objectives:

- Locate the house in the area with the least slope.
- Design the whole program for house on one floor.
- Orient the house towards the South, in order to achieve optimal sunlight in this geographical area.
- Conserve the two large pines existing in the South East vertex of the plot.
- Place the access, both pedestrian and to the road, in the most comfortable area of the plot.

The day area has been designed with large openings to the patio and to the free area of the plot, in order that in times of great weather the room can be considered as a semi outer space, allowing and easy circulations inside-outside , without obstacles, and with a variety of routes. The integration of the kitchen in the living room, also makes it possible to participate in the ventilation, and lighting provided by the large spaces in the living room, without losing direct access to an outside laundry area, hidden from the view from the living room .

The bedrooms are all facing south, so they will receive direct sunlight, while the distribution hall, facing north, will receive indirect light through a large horizontal window opening protected and filtered by a ceramic lattice.


Arroyo Yanes, Javier
Bretones del Pozo, Miguel
de la Cova Morillo-Velarde, Miguel Ángel

Y. Valle Rojo (arq. colaborador / assistant arch)
Rocio Meier (aparejador / quantity surveyor)
Paco Duarte (Estructruras / structure)
DiMarq (Instalaciones / systems)

Privado / Private

Building Company
Rages Obras y construcciones SL

Chiclana (Cádiz)