Beachfronts Gardens: Sari and Caracalli Houses

This is a residential complex of 2 houses developed in a beautiful beach front property in a very exclusive area of the Peninsula de Nicoya. Both houses sits in a very open terrace with a gentle topography, surrounded by trees overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the white sandy beach of Playa Hermosa.
Private and Social areas with big openings where planned to open their space to the ocean, gardens and forest that surround this tropical beach.
Each house was designed for users to experience the tropical weather and beautiful nature, and every single space of both houses has a great relation with the exterior, bringing in the natural light to all the interior areas and looking for cross ventilation using the sea breeze year around.
Around a 65% of the interior areas are covered by green roofs reducing the footprint of the project in this protected environment.
‘Casa Sare’, sits in a flattest area of the property and very close to the beach, emulating a ‘V’ shape that separates private area from social areas with an exterior terrace that communicate all the spaces.
An operable Louvers system let the interior corridor open the space in between bedrooms and the exterior terrace, giving the opportunity the bedrooms to open their views to the ocean. Once these Louver system is open, Interior gardens allocated in between the bedrooms, social and services areas, open channels for the wind to flow all around the interior areas reducing the temperature and giving more comfort to the house.
Casa Caracali is allocated in a higher area of the property, over a gentle topography, looking for the best views. Every room of this house has big slider doors systems that opens towards the Ocean and the beach.
Social area is sits at the back with the higher level of the house and bed rooms overlaps towards the beach and step down the levels as they get closer to the beach following the existent topography.

Materials and finishes for this project were selected to reduce maintenance because of the proximity to the ocean and the tropical elements. It was also important for the design to bled both structures in to the nature and reduce the visual impact from the beach and the air.


LSD-Laboratory Sustaining Design
Solis, Luis Mauricio
Tinoco, Rodolfo

Daniela Cespedes
Tatiana Fonseca
S3 Ingenieros


Building Company
Jimaco Constructores

Costa Rica (see map)