Floating Leaf House

Los jobos is a new and quite neighborhood at the south area of playa tamarindo community. This area is located in the ‘green corridor’ that connects tamarindo and langosta estuaries with the forests and mountains that surround tamarindo. This corridor is used by animals to come down from the mountains and have access to the water of the of the estuaries during the dry season. The property that is surround by a beautiful forest and it has a stepped slope next to the access leaving 100% of the property under the street level. Because of this, our client asked us to lift up part of the program trying to reach the views and also share a great connection with the canopies of the trees that surround the property. Social and services areas, the studio and the master bedroom which is the 70% of the program are at the top floor of the house and only one bedroom with the laundry are at the ground level and they both work as the based of the top floor which is cantilevered by 70%. A parabolic roof gives shade to the open social areas/terrace that helps the house to integrate with the exterior. A concrete roof slabs is on top of the interior areas and this will be used as a terrace that has great views.


LSD-Laboratory Sustaining Design
Solis, Luis Mauricio
Tinoco, Rodolfo

Daniela Cespedes
Javier Colombari
Roberto Riggioni
S3 Ingenieros

Building Company

Costa Rica (see map)