Premier Loft


As in every architectural project, every space has its own ambience through which it communicates an intention. In the case of this project, the owner wished to renovate and totally transform all of the living spaces of his outdated apartment presenting an exciting challenge for any architect.

The apartment covers an area of 344.00 square meters of particular spacial precedents. It is located in a traditional residential area in the capital of Panama, in the neighborhood of San Francisco; an area which is actually going through a complete urban transformation.

For the purpose of its transformation, once the first reading of the site was completed, the space was totally stripped, returning it to its basic structure, and leaving it totally exposed in its most crude state.
The open space conveyed possibilities which in the end translated into converting the necessities of the client into a reality. Thus, the architect's design was based on the dialogue with the owner and the architect's vision of the space, volume, materials, and detail.
Then began the integral task of the project, while safeguarding at all times the inhabited areas that contained characteristics of a past history.

As the process of transformation was being executed, the proposed changes began to reveal the look and character of the spaces demonstrating the spirit of the individual that would inhabit the apartment. From the onset, there was a combining of the fundamental elements which would support the renovation and distribution of the new spaces that would make up the new vision.

A home consists of one´s most personal and intimate spaces, thereby depicting a way of life. For this reason, we felt that it was imperative to incorporate the new without affecting the essence of the necessities of the owner; and at the same time, add to a better quality of living. Previously, the owner had his own living habits in the apartment. Therefore, the greatest challenge was to incorporate these existing habits into a new space; thereby, creating a new, attractive, vibrant, and effective scheme.

The concept of this project obviously focused, first and foremost, on the dynamics of the owner. Thus we strived to manage a fluidity of the space within the areas, proposing transparency and exposition, and achieving direct and indirect connections that provided pure and honest sensations. We can observe this language in the distribution, as well as, in the natural and raw materials chosen that embrace the surrounding areas.

Once all decorative elements were eliminated from the structure, it became clear the great potential of the space. We then took on the challenge that all the elements incorporated in this renovation would represent a new subtle and exposed ambience.

By eliminating the application of plaster on the cold concrete ceiling slabs, a balance in the textures was achieved by adding a warm flooring of European oakwood called Doublé Smoked White. A Hungarian Point design was installed on the floor, thereby creating a pattern in the naked space which is the focal point between the white walls. As a result, harmony and balance were brought to all of the surrounding area.

The circulation of the apartment was thought as one that must project a consistent freedom of space beginning at the main entrance door, which opened to the space from the floor to the slab, as well as, the doors of the rest of the areas. That is, that when a space is opened, it is integrated with those with which it is communicated with, in an imperceptible manner.

From the onset, it was decided and agreed that the electrical and plumbing components were to remain exposed on the ceiling thence giving a certain sense of identity to this modern design, thought of as an emotional state of each of the spaces. Thus, our intent was to create a functional and aesthetic order for the electricity and plumbing, thereby liberating the slabs of plaster.

The area of the ground floor remained completely open and spacious. The purpose was to fulfil a series of functions, and so we opted for the creation of a surface with a constant rhythm of filled and empty spaces. The solid volume holds spaces destined for diverse usages, such as, a bar for wine and alcoholic beverages. The spaces in-between convert into alcoves with benches or platforms. The steel framed voids provide light and distinguish its depth, thereby contrasting the natural dark color of the steel with the clarity received through the windows in the interior of the space.

Above the living room emerges a transparent space on the top floor. The intimacy of this space is freed by a set of glass walls surrounding the area. In its interior, the uses are completely interrelated. That is, the master bedroom and bathroom are in one same space. However, both are divided by a monolithic block of black Marquina marble which is impenetrable by water and on which lies a white solid surface. This surface serves as a console, as well as, a transitory element between the bathroom and the bedroom.

This project gave us the opportunity to design each object, closet, baseboard, sink, railing, and hidden space. Moreover, the quality of these details is reflected in the workmanship and the placement of each. These are the details that give life and soul to a space that is humanized and personalized.

The mutual understanding, involvement, and true complicity with the client were fundamental during the development of this project. As a result, a highly functional and unique home was created with a clear fluidity between the connecting spaces, thereby fulfilling all the aspirations of the owner and the vision of the archit

* Project name [ANONYMOUS] A 003
* Location: Premier Loft Apartment Building, 76 east street, San Francisco, Panama city, Panama.
* Cliente: Anonymous
* Total area: 344.00 m²
* Architect: Sandra Robles
* Project coordinator: Sandra Robles
* Ilumination (Flos, Vibia y curtains (Hunter Douglas): Arquiluz
* Domótics: Digital Lifestyle
* Furniture: Designer: Arik Ben Simhon
* Construction: Arquidetalles – Querube Monroy
* Photograph: Fernando Alda
* Text: Rolando Gabrielli
* Translation: Cynthia Boesler


Robles Boesler, Sandra


Building Company
Arquidetalles – Querube Monroy