Value enhacement and activation of the “illa de la Pietat” as a continuous public space at the city of Vic (2017-2020).

The plain of Vic is a plateau surrounded by different mountain ranges, and in its heart lies the city enjoying a dense and compact historic centre, with an exceptional wealth of heritage. This centre can be read as a sum of urban landscapes, which on the first-floor streets, squares, courtyards, lobbies, cloisters, stores and especially a large number of monumental public buildings are linked.

The "Illa de la Pietat", epicentre of the origin of the city, is formed by a combination of buildings ranging from the Roman Temple, the remains of the Romanesque Castle of the “Montcada”, and the church and baroque chapels of the “Pietat, Sants Màrtirs and Fonda”.

We propose a transversal view that provides the experience of the whole complex, recognizing and valuing the different times contained, and activating them in connection with the rest of the city's landscapes.

Different interior and exterior intermediate spaces are proposed sequentially as new doors or thresholds that are offered to understand different existing realities in the monumental complex of the “Pietat”, generating multiple and labyrinthine routes, which in turn enable an experience full of emotions that help visitors to understand the essence and in turn the complexity of the place.

In this way, new perceptions of the same body are built by passing through multiple sections, highlighting the spatial and constructive qualities of buildings from different historical periods, understood as a whole, in continuity that participates in a present time.


Estudi d’Arquitectura Toni Gironès

Vila Molet, Meritxell. Arquitecta .
Auguet, Jordi. Aparejador
Llobet, Jordi. Aparejador

-Ingeniería: Aquilue-Serrat Arquitectes.

Ajuntament de Vic.

Building Company
Constructora d’Aro

Herrería: Ramón Cestero (Samartec98).

Carpintería: Marta Salvans (Ayuntamiento de Vic).

Cortinajes: Panadès Interiorisme Tèxtil.

Producción Audiovisual: Arquitectura Filmada.

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