Religion Center

We are faced with the challenge of creating a Religion Center in the town, an original building known to all as the Casa del Cura, because of the impossibility of rehabilitating it, it was decided to make it a new floor.
Approaching the project from a reflection in its architecture on the relationship between the roots of the past and the new buildings originated in recent years in the center. From the beginning it was decided to capture the image of the existing façade recalling the original.
In this area, the building aims to dialogue with its natural environment of the city, from its own section and location as a landmark, trying to learn the shapes and profiles that draw the various traditional houses of the center and its town hall.
The new headquarters is a pure, harmonious and simple building in interior composition, articulated by a large central courtyard with both arched fronts, reminding visitors of the religious building they visit.
The sensations of light and transparency create an atmosphere of silence and relaxation. The colors of the white and light blue building in its glass details convey the purity of Christianity.
The building contemplates a quite complete program, being a container in uses, it is formalized through the covered central courtyard as a venue and distributor towards the various rooms of workshops, offices and meeting spaces.
The ground floor will be used for training the youngest and the first floor for adults. Regarding the second floor for the archive and church management offices.
We highlight the chapel as an element of the center as a place of reflection and prayer, the simplicity in the arrangement of the wood achieve spatial recollection.
There is a backyard with a linear bench as a space of rest and stay for the visitor. From this, the existence of a multifunction space on the first floor linked to an outside terrace as a viewpoint towards the towers of the town walls can be seen.


Egea Nieto, César
Raso Martín, Antonio

Francisco José Pérez López

Diócesis de Córdoba

Building Company
Construcciones Pérez Limones

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