Three houses in Armilla

The project, located in an area of recent urban expansion in the process of
consolidation, proposes a group of three single-family homes that define a compact
single construction, which is adjusted to the exterior arrangements of the plot and
frees the particular interior space of each house. This layout gives the building a
precise urban scale and allows the spaces of the houses to be opened out both to the
streets and to the inner courtyards, which are more protected and better oriented.
The houses are vertically disposed, with different sections of the program on each
level: the car park in the semi-basement whit spaces for installations and diverse uses;
on the ground floor, the living and kitchen spaces open to the interior courtyard of the
plot which are integrated as another space for use of the house. The most private
rooms are arranged on a higher level. The last floor houses an open space designed
in continuity with the outdoor terraces, which offer distant views of Granada and the
Sierra Nevada Mountains.
The project has been built on principles of rationality, simplicity and economy, with
constructive and material solutions attentive to the durability of the building and the
cordiality of its spaces in a desire to create a friendly comfortable architecture for the
lives of the people who are going to live there.


Martínez Manso, Francisco
Martínez y Soler Arquitectura
Soler Márquez, Rafael

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Navia. Arquitecto Técnico (D.O.)
Miguel Ángel Jiménez Dengra. Arquitecto Técnico. (Estructura).

Alberto Domínguez Blanco. Restauración Monumentos, S.A.

Building Company
Alberto Domínguez Blanco. Restauración Monumentos, S.A.

Armilla (Granada) (see map)


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