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Exhibition and Awards XI BEAU / Exhibition and handling of the XI BEAU awardstectu

The awards ceremony of the XI Biennial of Spanish Architecture and Urbanism will be held in the Cantabrian town of Comillas in July with the opening of the exhibition of BEAU XI in September will be open in the room's Archery Nuevos Ministerios. Between 40 finalists are projects of Water Museum – renovation of an ancient water mill Juan Domingo Santos (Recognition Award in category Architecture), Chana School for Children in Elisa Valero (Prize for runner-) Temporary Market and Barceló Nieto and Sobejano (Prize for runner-).

The celebración of granting awards of XI Spanish Biennale of Architecture and Urban Design will take place in Comillas, Cantabria (Spain) during the month of June, together with the inauguration of the post competition exhibition, That Will Be available for visiting in La Nuevos Ministerios Archery. Among the 40 selected projects there were: Museum of water in Lanjaron by Juan Domingo Santos (Honorable Mention), Kindergarden in la Chana by Elisa Valero (Pre-finalist award) and Temporary Market Barceló by Nieto Sobejano (Pre-finalist award).

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Dental Clinic Gdent by Francesc Rife in magazine OFFICES

The latest edition of OFFICINAS presents a report on the Gdent Dental Clinic in Vitoria by Francis Rifé.

“Basic colors and fine materials are blended in perfect symbiosis in the dental clinic in Vitoria Gdent. The interior designer, Francesc Rife, has created an environment in which the mirrors, the sobriety of marble on the glass and resins´ neutral white and gray, define a well-organized maze of spaces that combines the comfort of patients with ergonomics for professionals. ”

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Aga Khan Award 2010 for the museum of Madinat al-Zahra

Museo de Medina Azahara

This year, 2011, we celebrate the first centennial marking the begining of the archeological recovery of Madinat Al-Zahra in Córdoba, Spain. The celebration schedule included a conference on April 29 related to the Aga Kan Award for Architecture 2010 granted to the architects Nieto and Enrique Sobejano Fuensanta for the new museum building.

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