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(Spanish) Best Archilovers 2018 ¡Elegidos 7 de nuestros proyectos!

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(Spanish) Dos proyectos nominados en los premios Mies van der Rohe 2019

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(Spanish) Casa H de Assadi proyecto más visto de Archdaily en 2 categorías

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First International Photography Competition “Cities without Architecture”

First International Photography Competition “Cities without Architecture” has already started receiving entries from all over the world! We are happy to announce that Fernando will be a member of the jury, together with the photographer Alexandra Kononchenko, architect Changfang Luo and Ben Murphy. Below we copy a brief description of the competition and the idea behind it.

According to the Un-Habitat (United Nations) Urban Observatory, it is estimated that fifty million people will move from rural areas to the cities in western Africa over the next ten years. In Mumbay, the population has recorded a four-fold increase. Half of the population live in slums, 700.000 spend the night on the streets, 100 million people in the world, mostly kids, have no permanent home.

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ISMO ArquitecturaMálaga Architectural Awards 2016

Con la voluntad de reconocer y difundir los valores especiales de las obras o trabajos del ámbito territorial del colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Málaga (realizados durante los años 2013, 2014 and 2015 y hasta la fecha de entrega de las propuestas) se convocan los Premios Málaga de Arquitectura 2016.

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Sol89 y CUAC Arquitectura en la Bienal de Venecia 2016

Bajo el títuloUNFINISHED”, el Pabellón de España en la Bienal de Venecia 2016 recoge una serie de proyectos que afrontan la problemática de las edificaciones inconclusas de nuestro país.

Espacio de arte contemporáneo en el antiguo convento de Madre de Dios (Sevilla), Sol89

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The architect Francesc Rifé gets two prices at EMPORIA Awards

Col·legi profesional d’Interioristes of Catalunya and Veredictas Internacional, with support of Col·legi de Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC) and AJAC, the Technical University of Madrid,  the ETSAB of Barcelona and the main associations involved in trade fair sector call The National Awards of Temporary Architecture, EMPORIA. For four editions, EMPORIA has rewarded excellence temporary architecture projects in Spain.

In the last edition, the Francesc Rifé’s architecture studio has taken two awards in different categories. The stand at the EUROLUCE trade fair 2015 in Milan received the first prize in the category of Best exhibition stand design, while the stand at the ISH trade fair 2015 in Frankfurt has been awarded Best corporate application on a stand.

We would like to invite you to see all architecture studios have been awarded in the 2015 awards.

More information: Veredictas, excellence standardsEMPORIA Awards

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Piscina & Wellness Barcelona Awards 2015

Last October 16h, Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2015 ended with the celebration of The Awards 2015, organized by the ITeC – “Instituto de Tecnología de la Construcción de Cataluña”. In this edition, awards to best projects have been to residential swimming pool, wellness center, public swimming pool, restoration of a swimming pool, innovative product and sustainable product.

With their project of Municipal indoor swimming pool in Constantina (Sevilla), Fernando Suarez Corchete, Lorenzo Muro Álvarez and Miguel Ángel Gómez Casero have won the first prize on the public swimming pool category. According to verdict of the jurythey resolve with solvency a project very influenced by the low budget, and they pose an austere building that positively improves the environment. The architectural design emphasizes solar protection and privacy, supplemented by the proper use of materials”.

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2015 AteneoUniversity of Málaga Architecture Prize

The Ateneo of Málaga (University of Málaga) has passed judgement on the 2015 Prizes, that acknowledge the authors of Malaga’s most noted works in six cathegories: journalism, poetry, engraving, photography, scientific dissemination and architecture.

Last October 22th, The Ateneo of Malaga and the University of Malaga, through its Vice-rector office of extramural university studios, published the winners of its 2015 Prizes, that award the authors of Malaga’s most noted works in six art disciplines. Journalism, poetry, engraving, photography, scientific dissemination and, for the first time, architecture have been the cathegories of this edition.

Prize of best architecture work between 2005 and 2015 has been awarded to Botánical Garden in Nerja (Málaga) of ISMO Arquitectura, and architecture studio founded by Isabel Amores Sánchez y Modesto García Méndez in 2001. As they say: “Located in the Nature Park Sierra de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama, near Cave of Nerja, and opened to the bright sea, the architectural intervention joins mountainside to traffic of walkers, where infrastructures dissperses like urban furniture. The footsteps go on earthen roads, that sometimes are join to the land or sometimes are high to save a river bed or to be simply accesible. (…) Buildings emerge over landscape, getting wrinkled themselves to half-close the view, in the shape of covered viewpoints”.

Visit the video of Botanical Garden in Nerja of Isabel Amores and Modesto García

Beside this first prize, the judges have awarded two second prizes to Restoration of Palace of Customs to Museum of Malaga by the architect Ángel Fernando Pérez Mora, Fernando Pardo Calvo and Bernardo García Tapia and the Faculty of Health Science by Juan Gavilanes Vélaz de Medrano.

In journalism, the “Jerez Perchetprize has been awarded to the Alfonso Vázquez García’s article Pocas diferencias entre la lluvia y la fiebre amarilla, published in Diario La Opinión de Málaga. The “Impresor José Andrade Martínprize of poetry has been awarded to Sueña la Vida of the author Josefina Solano Maldonado. Jonathan Sánchez Ávila has been the winner of thePablo Ruiz Picassoprize in engraving with his work Excedentes.Arenas”, the name of the photographic prize, has been awarded to Cristina Lorenzo García’s work called Sombras.  The prize to scientific dissemination has been declared null and void because no work met the requirements.

The awards ceremony will be next Decembre 11th at 18.00h in the assembly hall of Rector office of University of Malaga.

Source: University of Málaga. Vice-rector office of extramural university studiosCulture Services.

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(Spanish) PREMIO DE ARQUITECTURA FÉLIX HERNÁNDEZ, XIII edición, años 2010, 2011 and 2012. FALLO DEL JURADO.

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Public Library in Ceuta: international architecture award

ABC 04-11-2013 / 18:16 h EFE

Public Library in Ceuta, designed by a prestigious architecture office Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos, was awarded an international prize Obras CEMEX in Industrial/Institutional category.

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Luis Moreno Mansilla Prize 2013 for Childminders´Centre in Selb

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Bauwelt Award 2013 for Childminders Centre in Selb, Germany

Everything begins with the International Competition Europan -9, in the city of Selb, 2008. Architects under 40 years of age from all over the Europe present their proposals for improving the urban structure of sites selected for this edition of the competition. A project presented by two Spanish architecture studios Gutiérrez-delafuente Arquitectos and TallerDE2 Arquitectos is awarded a prize which turns into a collaboration with the city of Selb. Four years pass and the first of the four projects comissioned by the city hall is finished successfully.

Now the Childminders Centre in being Selb is awarded with the Biennial International Prize ‘First Works-2013’ by the German magazine Bauwelt.

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ASCER award 2012 for the Culinary School in Medina Sidonia

Last Wednesday, November 15th, the Culinary School in a former slaughterhouse in Medina Sidonia, by Estudio SOL89, was granted first prize in the Category of Architecture of the Ceramics Architecture and Interior Design Prize. This year´s edition was the 11th one and it standed out for the high standard of the submited projects the same as for the prestigious jury composition. The competition was chaired by the recognized architect Juan Navarro Baldeweg and composed by the architects  Luis Martínez Santa-María; Francisco Aires Mateus from Portugal; Joseph Grima, director of Domus magazine; designer Matali Crasset; architecture critic from El País newspaper, Zabalbeascoa Anatxu; and Ramón Monfort, from the Castellón College of Architects.

The competition for the Tile of Spain Awards of Architecture and Interior Design is organized and promoted by ASCER, the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association. The prizes aim to improve awareness and understanding of ceramic tiles made in Spain amongst architects and interior designers and promote their use by these professionals. Besides Architecture, there are awards for the following categories: Interior Design, Honourable Mention for Architecture and Thesis Project.

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Donaire Arquitectos win architectural design competition

Following an exciting jury event drawing on the expertise of a panel of international design & research experts a well as key AM Qattan Foundation personnel held at Palestine’s Birzeit University on Thu 18 Oct, Donaire Arquitectos of Seville, Spain, has been selected to design the Foundation’s new Cultural Centre and Palestine Office.

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FAD awards 2012

The jury committee of  FAD 2012 architecture awards, consisting of Guillermo Vázquez Consuerga, Marta Cervelló, Ignasi Forteza, Victoria Garriga, Inés Lobo, José Mª Sánchez García, Pere Serra and Cesc Solà, has announced the results of the last edition of the competition. Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra, the president of the jury, winner of numerous national and international awards for his work, acclaimed a very high quality of the architecture realized on the Iberian Peninsula, which places both Spain and Portugal ahead of the European architecture. Among the multiple criteria for the projects´ selection one can highlight the will to distinguish architecture that is able to address the current necessities of the modern society and that avoids the formal and architectural excess. Architecture committed to civil values, that enhances public and common spaces; architecture that is able to tell the history of its times and at the same time lodge the future.

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Last December the results of the 11th session of Europan competition were oficially announced. In the Spanish edition we have 5 winners, 7 runners-up and 7 honourable mentions. Among the European results there were 36 awarded Spanish teams: 9 winners, 15 runners-up and 12 honourable mentions. Among the awarded studios we are happy to see Donaire Arquitectos and with their proposal for urban-architectural stategies for the entrance point to the city of Graz in the neighbourhood of the Arnold Schwartzenegger Stadium.

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Piranesi Prix de Rome 2011 Museum Prize for Madinat Al Zahra

Press release Sobejano Nieto Architects:

Museo Madinat al Zahra de Nieto y Sobejano

Madinat al-Zahra Museum © Fernando Alda

Piranesi Award Prix de Rome 2011 “Planning Archaeology – Designing Archaeology” was granted last Thursday 1 September in Rome to Madinat al Zahra Museum Cordoba, work Architects Sobejano Nieto.

The Jury chaired by Luca Basso Peressut included Lucio Altarelli, Francesco Dal Co, Romulus Martemucci, Amedeo Schiattarella, Luigi Spinelli, Pier Angelo Torricelli y Federico Caliari. The project was selected from 17 Finalists for works carried out in Italy, French, Germany, Egypt, China and Spain.

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URUK overview on architecture 02 (04/11)

An Italian magazine/newspaper Uruk, from Palermo, with which we had established contact and cooperation, has published several articles of interest. We are particularly pleased with the presence of some works, projects and images that have been really important for us for many reasons. Whether because of the long collaboration with architects, the special relationship with some works or the load of personal content in some images, it has been very  gratifying to receive URUK in our studio, enjoy the reading and the Italian taste that is so close to us.

Among the articles published in this issue we highlight VS-UNIFORM UNIVERSAL JOINT, by Mark Scarpinato; GRANADA. Qal `at al-Hanro dedicated to Alvaro Siza and Juan Domingo Santos for the new access to Alhambra in Granada; CORDOBA. MADINAT AL ZAHARA dedicated to the museum built by the architects Fuensanta Nieto and Enrique Sobejano, recently recognized with the Aga Khan Award for Architecture.

This relationship has been established in a very special and satisfying way. I all started with the personal project “From the Monument to the City, From the City to the Ocean” that never stops surprising us.

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Exhibition and Awards XI BEAU / Exhibition and handling of the XI BEAU awardstectu

The awards ceremony of the XI Biennial of Spanish Architecture and Urbanism will be held in the Cantabrian town of Comillas in July with the opening of the exhibition of BEAU XI in September will be open in the room's Archery Nuevos Ministerios. Between 40 finalists are projects of Water Museum – renovation of an ancient water mill Juan Domingo Santos (Recognition Award in category Architecture), Chana School for Children in Elisa Valero (Prize for runner-) Temporary Market and Barceló Nieto and Sobejano (Prize for runner-).

The celebración of granting awards of XI Spanish Biennale of Architecture and Urban Design will take place in Comillas, Cantabria (Spain) during the month of June, together with the inauguration of the post competition exhibition, That Will Be available for visiting in La Nuevos Ministerios Archery. Among the 40 selected projects there were: Museum of water in Lanjaron by Juan Domingo Santos (Honorable Mention), Kindergarden in la Chana by Elisa Valero (Pre-finalist award) and Temporary Market Barceló by Nieto Sobejano (Pre-finalist award).

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