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FAD awards 2012

The jury committee of  FAD 2012 architecture awards, consisting of Guillermo Vázquez Consuerga, Marta Cervelló, Ignasi Forteza, Victoria Garriga, Inés Lobo, José Mª Sánchez García, Pere Serra and Cesc Solà, has announced the results of the last edition of the competition. Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra, the president of the jury, winner of numerous national and international awards for his work, acclaimed a very high quality of the architecture realized on the Iberian Peninsula, which places both Spain and Portugal ahead of the European architecture. Among the multiple criteria for the projects´ selection one can highlight the will to distinguish architecture that is able to address the current necessities of the modern society and that avoids the formal and architectural excess. Architecture committed to civil values, that enhances public and common spaces; architecture that is able to tell the history of its times and at the same time lodge the future.

The FAD Architecture and Interior Design Awards will be granted on the 12th of July 2012 during the FADfest. The festival, during the 15 days of its duration, will reunite all the FAD awards within the rich programme of activities related to design and architectureFAD (Promotion of the Arts and Design).

In the category of architecture, 55 projects out of 283 were selected, and finally 20 of them were awarded. Among the finalists, we are honoured to mention the Kindergarden Asunción Linares in Granada by Elisa Valero. According to the jury, the project is caracterized by the economy of the means, spacial and structural logics of the best «popular» mediterranean architecture. Reinterpretation and the updated function of the architectural elements such as the ceramic perforated partition that serves as a light filter that adapts the radiant southern sunlight for the functional necessities and the environmental comfort, acknowledging its ornamental value.”  More projects by Elisa Valero

At the same time we would like to congratulate Antonio Tejedor Cabrera and Mercedes Linares on the project of Visitors´ Centre to the Roman Theatre in Málaga, that was selected up to the pre-final fase.

Kindergarden Asunción Linares in Granada. Visitors´Centre to Roman Theatre in Málaga.

Guardería en El Serrallo. Premios FAD

Kindergarden Asunción Linares in Granada. Elisa Valero

Guarderia en El Serrallo, premio FAD

Guardería en El Serrallo. Premio FAD

Visitors´Centre to Roman Theatre in Málaga. Antonio Tejedor Cabrera y Mercedes Linares

Antonio Tejedor Cabrera y Mercedes Linares

Antonio Tejedor Cabrera y Mercedes Linares

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