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Multipurpose Centre in Valle de Salazar

In this post we would like to present a recently photographed building in Valle Navarro de Salazar designed by Gutiérrez-Delafuente Arquitectos: Natalia Gutiérrez y Julio de la Fuente. The complete report on this project will be soon uploaded to our web, however we consider that this image, some drawings and the model, are worth anticipating.

We think that it is a sample of singular and interesting architecture for very different reasons, among which we should highlight its design quality (in a broad sense), its high level of the constuctions finishes and above all the brilliant integration into the environment that respects and brightly resolves the apparent contradiction offered by the place. The building is equaly stressed by the industrial environment requirements and by a landscape of unique beauty that surrounds it.

The funcional aim is to host development infrastucture for the Salazar Valley, that would allow for accomodating both functions and activities of information, difusion and administration of the valley complex, like the industries and shops that could reactivate its economic tissue. In the words of the editors: The multipurpose Centre is an activation node to Salazar Valley scale, which is the scale of its lineal infrastructures (Salazar RIver and the road), so that the building is considered an INFORMATIONAL MILESTONE that stands out ON THE EDGE OF THE ROAD in order to reach the principal goal: identity and visibility.

The funcional programme comprehends public functions (multipurpose and administration) and the industrial ones (production plants and warehouses) through a typology worked out with a sequence od three strips, with a changing section, very flexible for future functions and transversal connections.

The location of the building, a precise insertion into the landscape, is the value that we admire so much in this project and that is a result of triple decision: design, landscape and structural determinations: “though the use of a traditional pitched roof structure and the industrial typology of the nearest surrounding, through the landscape of the valey and through the three materials applied: steel sheets (industrial context), pinewood (economical and cultural context) and the local limestone.

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